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Product: PolyDryer™ (Dryer Dock + Storage Box)
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PolyDryer™ is designed and co-developed by FabNotion
When drying meets storage. A new standard in filament care!

Special thank you to MyTechFun and ZombieHedgehog for beta testing the PolyDryer™ and provide important feedback to reach the final product.

We are also very grateful to many Discord members who helped brainstorming ideas about this product (2 years ago!):

PolyDryer™ Mods and Add-ons:
(Modifications may affect the safety and performance of the PolyDryer™)
Printables, MakerWorld

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MytechFun review
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All in one solution With one drying dock you can add as many PolyDryer Boxes as you need so your next project is always ready to go.

You'll never have to break the seal again Don’t worry about moisture ruining your prints, the PolyDryer Box has the best sealing performance on the market

Brings your forgotten spools back to life 360° airflow secures even drying of your spool without damaging it. Compatible with all popular 3D printing materials with 3 preset power levels.

Continuous filament drying as needed during storage, eliminating concerns about humidity absorption.

Compatible with various spool sizes up to 1 kg, featuring a central holder for smooth rotation.

Personalize with printable add-ons for hanging or connecting them together

Color-changing desiccant: monitor filament environment effortlessly


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